Day 3


This program is centered around you, that means you will decide how effective you will want it to be. Testing is critical since it is the only way to see the impact of the small changes which cumulatively give you big benefits. This will work only if you are onboard Physically and mentally. It will take some effort. Along with noting down your sugar values, Considering that mornings are for Self-Love and Mindfulness, as a first initiation to mindfulness practices, please start noting down various things you felt during the day in a Diary or journal…you could start with observing your body and mind as soon as you wake up: Does it feel well rested, Is there any ache or pain anywhere in the body, do you feel dehydrated when you wake up. In terms of mental status do you feel anxious about a deliverable at work or due to any personal situation. Does the mind feel energized and raring to go. Do this Now and note down your observations in your Journal. We will start to do Meditation in a few days and once we do, you will need to note down these thoughts before and after meditation. Enjoy this journey and be rest assured our team is with you! 

Importance of Checking your Sugars and Reporting to us everyday

This is a very important aspect of this program. The measurement of success needs to happen regularly and we want you to check for yourself the impact of each of these interventions and habits that you are forming by means of this course. Daily FASTING Sugars need to be checked as a participant of this course. Fasting sugar is checked as soon as you wake up in the morning. While it does give a peek into how your sugars could have been through the night, more importantly it gives an idea of the state of metabolism nearly 10-12 hours into an overnight fast. If you wish to, you can check your PP sugars nearly 2hrs after your meal, however we don’t mandate that and we insist on daily entry of Fasting sugars in the website and our chat groups. A sugar check at other times of the day could be asked by our Doctors, as and when needed. We hope you have a good Quality glucometer because over the next 3o days you will need to check your readings daily. In case you do not have a glucometer, we highly recommend that you purchase one quickly with its measuring strips (Atleast 50 strips for these 21 days). This will ensure that you get full benefit of the program.

DO IT YOURSELF: Now that you have seen the video, please go ahead and check your sugar and make a note of the readings in your diary/app

Required medical tests: Fasting and Post meal sugars Hemogram( including ESR)  • CRP  •Thyroid function test plus FT4 • Liver Function tests • Kidney function tests(including eGFR) • Lipid profile • Thyroid function tests • Homocysteine • Vit B12 and Vit D • HbA1c  •Urine routine  •Urine Microalbumin  • Fasting Insulin  • (THYROICARE BANNER). Thyrocare is the provider that provides these tests at the lowest price, however you are free to get this done from any NABL accredited lab that you trust. We reserve the right to ask for re-test when in doubt.  You Must also get your BMI measurement done at the nearest Gym/Fitness center or Nutrition Centers. Pls carry your personal weighing machine to the BMI measurement session and compare if your machine is accurate compared to the machine which gives out your Weight and BMI. Kindly note the fat percentage and Skeletal muscle Mass and enter it below. If one of these isn’t available, pls call us on 80-88883988 so that we can discuss on how to go about this measurement.

Height:     Weight:      BMI:           Muscle Mass:        Total Fat:            Visceral Fat :     Metabolic Rate:  

Before you start DiaCure- LIVE DIABETES FREE online diabetes reversal program, it is important that you get the required lab tests done. Thyrocare offers this package at the lowest price, you are however free to get it done at any renowned NABL accredited labs like LalPathlabs, Apollo, Fortis etc


What if my family won’t be following the diet?

If other family members will not be trying the diet with you, you would need to separate your food and make sure that it’s not mixed with food that you want to avoid in this period.

What if I don’t cook/how do I train the maid?

If someone else cooks for you, you will need to involve them in learning the methods of cooking for this program.

 What if I can’t finish the program in 28days?

This program is designed so that you’ll know all of the elements to reverse diabetes by the end of the 28days. It’s okay if you delay finishing the program because you’re still doing better than you were before. However, it will delay the final results.