Day 3


Welcome Today you will take time to review all the information that we have provided so far and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Watch this video for an overview of what to expect from the program and how to get ready.

If a disease is occuring due to our lifestyle…shouldn’t the treatement be focused on correcting the root cause, i.e the wrong lifestyle. Friends…you already know that The only way to prolong lifespan is dietary caloric restriction while maintaining a state of optimum micro-nutrient homeostasis.   .Its important to do BP, BMI and Blood tests done before you get into day 4 of this program. Ideally…today must be spent getting these 3 things closed. You will see amazing results if u follow this program. U will feel happy satisfied and you don’t have to count calories as long as u adhere to the basic structure of this program. Did u make ur smoothie and have it as the first meal before breakfast ? TRUTHFUL DILIGENT DATA REPORTING  and COMMITMENT TO PRINCIPLES are the KEY To SUCCESS.. Thanks for your efforts with sticking to this lifestyle for the next 28 days


·        Commit to follow the program for the next 28 days all the way till 1Year. COMMITMENT IS REALLY CRITICAL TO ENSURE THAT YOU GET SUCCESS IN ALL THE GOALS YOU SET.

·        Have your blood tests done regularly. Atleast at the below 5 time points: At the beginning(within day 5) and end of the program(At day 31, day 91, day 181 and Day 365) to compare your results.

·        Keep a progress report by regularly tracking and entering your blood sugar, weight and blood pressure levels.

·        Once you receive reports, talk to your doctor by blocking an appointment to reduce medications as your results improve.

·        At the end of 365days, continue this lifestyle and reverse or prevent diabetes in the coming weeks instead of going back to the old lifestyle that caused the problem!

VIDEO: Importance of Sugar monitoring &Hba1c


Health check is needed because at the end of the course, you can compare and see where you are!


You can also get your BMI measurement done at the nearest Gym/Fitness center or Nutrition Centers . Pls carry your personal weighing machine to the BMI measurement session and compare if your machine is accurate compared to the machine which gives out your Wt and BMI. Kindly note the fat percentage and Skeletal muscle Mass and enter it below. If one of these isn’t available, pls call us on 80-88883988 so that we can discuss on how to go about this measurement

INSERT BOXES Height:     Weight:      BMI:           Muscle Mass:        Total Fat:            Visceral Fat :

           Before you start the DIACURE -LIVE DIABETES FREE   online diabetes reversal program, it is important that you get the required lab tests done.

In addition, DAILY you must record your Fasting blood sugar(within 3-5mins of waking) and if possible blood pressure levels daily. The results of your medical tests help us measure and monitor your progress. These results will also be useful in discussions with your doctor/dietician and for formulating a personalized Diet and exercise plan


·        Once you do BMI measurements, Please get the tests done and then make an appointment with your doctor

·        Make sure you have a good brand glucometer and sufficient strips to check your blood sugar levels.

·        If you are on insulin, you must check your blood sugar level several times a day, and at the very least before every dose of insulin. If you are on medication, you must check  atleast once a day.

·        If you also have hypertension, get an instrument to check your blood pressure everyday at the same time.

·        Record all your results and readings throughout the program in the track your progress section each day.

·        Record your daily food intake in the track your progress section so that you can see the connection between your blood sugar levels and the food you consumed. You must tick Yes or no to the question : Did you 100% adhere to the meal plate method suggested by the dietician. Even if there is the slightest of deviation, you will need to enter NO as an answer to the question: “Met Meal plan for this meal”

What if my regular doctor or family doctor does not support me?

You can book an appointment with a DIACURE -LIVE DIABETES FREE doctor and get advice on how to reduce medications.

Is this safe for me if I have other health problems and medications?

Our solutions are only food-based and cannot make you sick. But they are powerful and, as your health improves, you may need to reduce other medications as well. To some extent, we will guide you during this program. If you are on many medications, we suggest you to book a consultation with a DIACURE -LIVE DIABETES FREE doctor.

How soon will I start seeing results?

Most people who are following the program 100 percent, see results within days. When you see results, depends on a variety of factors including your age, how long you’ve had diabetes, whether your blood sugar is under control, how many medications you are taking, and whether you have other diseases. However, if you do everything that we recommend, you should see some changes in a matter of days.

How do I track my results?

We are providing you with a chart to track your results every day of the program. You can use this chart in soft copy or print it out. Please don’t forget to fill in the chart.

Will I have to eat different food from the rest of my family?

Your family members of any age can follow the same diet. They too will get healthier.

What happens if I make mistakes during the program?

Every mistake may adversely affect your results. However, everyone makes mistakes and mistakes can be corrected. If you made a mistake, learn from it so that you don’t make it again.

What if I stop following this lifestyle?

You will have to go back to taking your medications and bear the consequences of living with diabetes. Or you can always start this program again. Not everyone can be perfect the first time. But practice makes perfect.

What if my family won’t be following the diet?

If other family members will not be trying the diet with you, you would need to separate your food and make sure that it’s not mixed with food that you want to avoid in this period.

 What if I don’t cook/how do I train the maid?

If someone else cooks for you, you will need to involve them in learning the methods of cooking for this program.

 What if I can’t finish the program in 28days?

The DIACURE -LIVE DIABETES FREE   Online Diabetes Reversal Program was designed so that you’ll know all of the elements to reverse diabetes by the end of the 28days. It’s okay if you delay finishing the program because you’re still doing better than you were before. However, it will delay the final results